Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Java: Tattoo once, show it everywhere

I was envolved studying to take my first certification exams: SCJP (Sun Java Certified Programmer), version 6 (CX-310-065).

Once I had dreamed a lot about making a tattoo, and something in my mind told me that tattoo would be a geek tattoo, nothing better then make it in congratulations to the certification exam. There's a lot of funny facts about explaining it to the people, other time I can tell you one or another.

Hope soon I'll be posting something really relevant.

See you guys


André said...

fala serio! kkkk EU lembrei a vc desse BLOG... e vc nao estudou mais q uma semana para esse teste... kkkkkk

Anonymous said...

Cade Dream on?

Geek On Java - Hub for Java and Android said...

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